Underwater Worlds

Posted: 17th April 2019

From 'Jungles to 'Underwater Worlds', each containing their own magic and mystery, the fascination I have with unknown worlds continues...


In my new collection of Underwater Worlds, I explore my love of the natural world, then, let my imagination run wild to create all kinds of dreamlike creatures that I want to find there. 

Some, species belong in fresh water, some in salt, but in my paintings they find a home together - harmonising in their environment perfectly. I want these paintings to be a place to dream. 

There is so much we haven't yet discovered about deep waters and the creatures that exist. In my paintings and in this series in particular,  I have enjoyed inventing some of the most eccentric species I could conjure to mix natural history and imagination together to form a perfect fantastical place that I hope people enjoy escaping to.

Protecting and celebrating our wonderful natural world is very important to me. The beauty that surrounds us, the magic that it provides and it's potential fragility should always be acknowledged, respected and treasured.

These paintings will hopefully enable you to see these inspirational wonders through my eyes and I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed painting them.

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