Posted: 20th April 2016

A very generous sponsor has given me the opportunity to visit any place in the world that inspires my work. 

As I have spent so much time focusing on wild terrains and jungles but have never actually seen any in reality, it will be fascinating to see where this new experience takes my work and I'm so excited to find out.

Out of all the places in the world I considered, from the lush density of the Amazon to the bio-diversity of Madagascar, I have decided that Asia - and India in particular - is where I wanted to start this incredible journey.

India offers so much of what I want to see and experience from its amazing colours and culture to its hugely diverse range of wildlife, flora and fauna. I'll be taking a sketch book, binoculars and camera to get all the reference I could need for my next series of paintings and will be looking out for sloth bears, leopards, tigers, crocodiles, elephants... I'll leave the cobras for now...!

Stay tuned for photos of my travels!!

Big thanks to my sponsor and for everyone involved in supporting my artistic endeavours! 

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