Final Days in my Spanish studio

Posted: 19th November 2017

Locking myself away in the Spanish mountains was absoloutely wonderful and I set myself the challenge of finishing my painting out there and am happy to say that I did! I enjoyed every moment and every process of producing this one. As those of you that follow my work regularly know, detail plays an important role. However, in this painting, I feel that I took my usual approach a bit further and took the level of complexity and detail to another level! Look for the turtles, frogs, caiman, birds , monkeys to name but a few in my latest seven foot painting and see it exhibited in London's Mall Galleries in a very special exhibition that I partake in every year, where I always love meeting the incredibly talented artists who contribute to this event and the team of Art for Youth who work tirelessly all year towards organising an event that contributes hundreds of thousands each year in aid of UK Youth - which provides opportunities to young people throughout the UK and are doing a wonderful job.


This painting is exhibiting and for sale this December, Mall Galleries. To book tickets follow this link


Original, framed, watercolour, £8,000

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