Chasing Superblooms

Posted: 17th March 2019

A few years ago my partner sent me a facinating article on 'Deserts in Bloom'. This has inspired me ever since and a visit to this natural spectacle was on my bucket list of things to do.

A wonderful friend last year made the suggestion that 2019 should be that year. He was right and he planned the trip which happily coincided with the biggest 'superbloom' California had seen in many years. We had a whole road trip planned. 

As soon as I got back to my desk, surrounded by my paints, I got to work. One of my highlights was entering Joshua Tree and seeing the colours, surrounded by the most beautiful wildflowers. I will treasure it always. This was the subject of the first painting I did and I wanted to paint it whilst the images were fresh in my memory.

The next experience was my excitement at seeing the seals passing through Big Sur. These two places I have now painted though there are many more that inspired me and so many more paintings to come. 

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